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Wedding planning

Trust our experts for planning and organizing your wedding.

Dj hosting , photo, video , location, decorcaterer, band and musicians. How to manage all of those services for your wedding

How to know if the reception hall will really suit your needs ?

What kind of decor fits your tastes?

What are the qualities that should have your dj animator to satisfy all your guests?  

How should I choose a photographer who will take the trendiest photos?

All these questions, many more and also how to choose according to your needs and your budget.


Wedding Reception hall Rental

Trust our expert for the planning and to organize your wedding

Catering with table service, barman (barmaid), lamb BBQ, full table setting, hall decorations and DJ – it’s all here!  The only thing missing are your guests, minus all the worries.

Over 200 rental halls to choose from in and around Montreal

You still haven’t picked a banquet hall for your wedding reception?  Talk to us!  It’s free and you can choose from a list of city or countryside rental halls in and around Montreal.

Whether you’re planning a banquet, entertainment or any other event-associated activity, our professional coordinators will be delighted to take care of it all for you.

Contact us for more details regarding our areas of expertise and save time, money and avoid nasty surprises.

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Wedding Tent rental

Renting tent for your wedding can be laborious when it comes to thinking about the number of person, with or without floor, with or without French window or opaque walls.

Proceed to book a tent or marquee with one of our corporate event specialists and avoid many worries.

We will advise you on how to calculate the space according to your event needs for a dj, orchestra and musicians, decor, caterer and dance floor.

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Wedding Furnitures rentals

The furniture rental is to provide a comfortable space to all your guests while decorating the environment according to the style you want to give to your reception center or marquee.

It is important first of all to draw up a room plan in order to arrange all the furniture to know; Table, chair, tablecloths, lounge furniture and cocktail table.

Round tables from 60 '' (8-10 pers.) To 72 '' (10-12 pers.) Or 24 ', 48' 'square are available according to your needs for your wedding.

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Wedding Dinnerware rental

Turnkey packages are available for full service 4-course covers including glasses and wine cups.

When you proceed with the reservation of dishes our representatives will surely suggest you not to forget some important details such as, bread baskets, pepper salt set, water and ice container.

Other types of equipment can also be offered to you such as: refrigerator, coffee machine, punch bowl, bar set etc.

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Wedding Hall decoration design

The decor design for your wedding is important to give the desired style either; Chic shack, thematic, chic or bright.

Make a choice according to your needs and your budget in order to impress the gallery with a guaranteed WOW.

Bright table, sumptuous decor, bright decor with breathtaking dels lights.

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Wedding Table service and bartender

Perfect waiter service and bar service is the key of a successful evening. What better than an efficient service and cortois with the smile to really start the evening the right way !

Select Animation productions offers you a complete service with specialized bilingual employees to enhance your wedding.

Ask about our rates and bank hours available from 3 hrs minimum.

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Wedding Candy bar

The always appreciated candy bar AT YOUR MARRIAGE! Having become an essential and highly anticipated attraction at weddings in Quebec, the table filled with treats inspired by the newlyweds is still current and must reflect the colors and style of the stars of the day!


We will be happy to elaborate the one that will delight your guests.

Call us for more details

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