The wedding venue

  • may 2th, 2018

  • By Carmen

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Now that you have established your budget using the tools available on our site, it is time to choose a symbolic place.

Over the years, the places that can accommodate the newlyweds have multiplied in such a way that it is almost impossible not to find the one that is perfect for you. Whether it is a country reception or a landmark, it is a type of reception for a friendly and festive wedding.

The aroma of slow cooking on a spit, the obvious freshness of the food purchased most often locally, the elements are             there to please everyone! Free parking.

For the city's die-hard lovers, one of Montreal's opulent and chic reception rooms, or a zen urban loft ... through the private dining room of your favorite restaurant.

Spoiled for choice ! Whatever your preference, the addition of decor and your personal touch will translate very well the tone you want to give to your wedding reception.

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