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To allow you to establish a budget and better plan all the expenses inherent to the celebration of your Grand Jour, Sélect Animation and Productions has created for you a printable picture that is easy to complete. It contains the elements to consider for the organization of this day and, a simple way to meet your schedule.

Thus, it will be easier not to forget the essentials.


First of all, it is advisable to discuss the wedding style of your dreams before undertaking the research and reservations of the various services. It goes without saying that the success of the reception really depends on your expectations. It is therefore necessary to establish together your preferences between; an intimate wedding or a big party bringing together all the relatives and the circle of friends.

This step will allow you to select the appropriate place for the ceremony and the reception with accuracy.

You can check items as they are completed and simply delete unnecessary topics that are not part of your personal choices.


More than 12 months before

___ Select at least 2 dates for the wedding

___ Choose a country wedding, chic boho, glamor or urban

___ Establish the total wedding budget

___ Book the venue of the ceremony

___ Meet and book the celebrant or minister of religion

___ Book the reception room, the caterer

___ Choose alliances

___ Prepare the provisional list of guests

___ Ask relatives and friends to be part of the procession

___ Organize the engagement party


9 to 12 months before

___Choose the wedding dress, the finery, the bridesmaids dresses

___ Book the photographer / videographer

___ Book the DJ, the orchestra, the host

___ Organize the accommodation of guests from outside

___ Book the florist and the decor of the ceremony / reception

___ Write your wedding list and send it to the selected boutiques

___ Reserve the cake

___ Plan the honeymoon

___ Book musicians or soloists for the ceremony


From 6 to 9 months before

___ Order Announcements

___ Choose the dress of the mothers if necessary

___ Book the limousine

___ Schedule dress retouching


From 3 to 6 months before

___ Determine the menu

___ Establish the final list of guests and send announcements

___ Reserve the men's outfit

___ Take the test appointment hairstyle and makeup and book for the wedding day

___ Write the wedding wishes

___ Check and obtain the required documents for the marriage license

___ Set the details with the florist

___ Choose a reader for the ceremony


2 months before

___ Determine the musical selection for the ceremony and the reception

___ Order candy boxes for guests (or other souvenir options)

___ Finalize the menu

___ Confirm the details of the ceremony with the priest, pastor or celebrant

___ Have printed programs, place-holders and other selected stationery

___ Buy the procession and parents gifts

___ Fix the appointment of manicure and pedicure (about 2 or 3 days before the wedding)

___ Plan the wedding night and tomorrow's brunch


1 month before

___ Apply for the marriage license

___ Plan the rehearsal

___ Meet the photographer and the videographer

___ Make the final fitting of the dress

___ Confirm the arrangements for the honeymoon

___ Give musical choices to the musicians and the DJ

___ Send the party planner to the host and the DJ


2 weeks before

___ Send the complete progress of the day to the photographer, videographer, organizer

___ Delegate the following tasks: bring and place the gifts to the guests, pick them up

      groomsmen outfits, return items rented after the wedding

___ Refers to the contact person for taking pictures and video

___ Organize a party for members of the parade

___ Set the last details of the reception

___ Ask the witnesses to write their speech

___ Calling guests who did not answer

___ Confirm caterer the final number of guests

___ Adjust seating assignments, prepare table, table cartons

___ Confirm all reservations


1 week before

___ Dealing with financial matters: writing checks, making card payments

___ To pack

___ Give the marriage license to the celebrant

___ Confirm the arrangements with the limousine

___ Determine the processional order of the procession

___ Repetition of the ceremony


The big day

___ Give covenants to witnesses

___ Give gifts to parents, bridesmaids and maids of honor, groomsmen

___ Delivering checks or cash to the groom's witness



Wedding budget

You can download your "Wedding Budget" guide and print it.
An indispensable tool to have at hand the important details to remember and to know at any time the amounts to pay for the chosen services. 


A good way to adjust your expenses according to the most important elements for you.


Your wedding, your decisions!

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