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Find the best Djay. The best wedding dj emcee is at your fingertips! Yes, our DJ emcee team is super dynamic and offers the widest choice of music available for the newlywed. Wedding dj in Montreal, Laval, North Shore and South Shore, here the experts offer a festive experience.

Your wedding is unique and important and we love to be a part with a custom animation to your image. Being wedding dj is a real vocation. Our goal, the complete success of your big day!

Our mission: the success of your wedding day !   Trust us and our involvement in the organization of this day celebrating your love will delight you.

We are present in the Grand Salon Marions-Nous since the beginning as well as other specialized exhibitions wedding dj.


Wedding Djay Wedding Emcee French and English

Wedding Djay. An amateur DJ at the age of 14 years old, he is distinguished himself by adding an important element to the Gospel scene: turntables. He also released two compilations, one that travelled as far as France. His greatest strength is his open-mind in regards to musical styles, allowing him to mix almost every style to satisfy a wide-ranging variety of musical preferences.


The energy and enthusiasm of this professional emcee will ensure the success of your wedding. For the perfect day that you deserve !


Wedding Djay Wedding Emcee French - arabic - english

Wedding Djay Libano-Canadian with the job of Select Animation since 2006.

Excellent DJ international but also hits from here passing by all the best songs from 80 to today.


Can animate in French, Arabic, and English.


Wedding Djay English French and arabic

Wedding Djay A Lebanese-Canadian, he's able to play all musical styles through the typical Lebanese international music styles and even purely Quebecois as he is an excellent DJ.


His 10 years of experience in the field of dj will blow you away.


Employed by Select Animation since 2013.


Wedding Djay Wedding Emcee English and French

He is employed by Select Productions since 2010. MC, DJ and professional technician.

In stage technics for several years he is often hired to take care of our bands as a sound technician but also as an MC and dj.

Tall guy, smiling and confident he will for sure make your evening memorable and will be conforming to your requirements as for your guests at your wedding.


Wedding Djay Wedding Emcee French, English, Spanish (Colombia)

Passionate by the music for since many years his been working in bars all around Quebec and insure the success of many weddings and corporate events for Sélect productions in the region of Montreal and all around since 2007.

MC and DJ for several years now, he mostly likes to personalize your event with your needs and the style of music you prefer.

He is a sure shot for your event.


Wedding Emcee English and French

He is a bilingual MC English and French. He is employed by Select Productions since 2014.

Indeed, he just join our team, taking with him his professional animator comedian experience. With his really good sense of humor and his knowledge  it will make your event a place where laughter and dynamism will be honored.

Be certain that he will take advantage of every opportunity to interact with each of your guests.


Wedding Djay Wedding Emcee French, English and Italian (Naples)

He is Italian Canadian and can host in English, French and Italian. From a very young age, he started as a bassist and went on to become a DJ emcee.

He’s been in the mobile DJ industry for 15 years now but has also played in clubs such as Winston Churchill, Le Privé and Studio 55 in Montreal. He has extensive experience and can adapt to any type of group and to all ages.

He also likes to schedule all the things that matter the most to you in precise detail for your wedding. He will most certainly turn your evening into a monumental hit.

He has been employed by our company since 2006.


Wedding Djay Wedding Emcee French and English

He loves making people dance and attitude does not lie. Joyful, lively, communicative and passionateand no dance floor can resist him. In the field of dj hosting since 2000 he has been involved in many club, bar, lounge and hundreds of weddings and corporate events.


No matter the age of your group it will make you dance to the styles of yesterday and today. For fans of rock and house, he is a big fan. He has been employed by our company for since 2009.


Wedding Djay Wedding Emcee french and english


In the field of music since the early 2000s. Set his sights on music at a young age because of an undeniable passion for music. Has been working at Sélect Animation since 2017 with an incredible experience as a DJ host for weddings and corporate events. Also works as international remix dj in the United States as well as France in Paris. Play all styles, lounge, dance, hip-hop disco, etc. in short, it will make you see all the colors!

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