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The premium

The thrill

The overall

The Premium, The Thrill, and The Overall packages include 8 hours of DJ service with animation and interactive games.

DJay service starts at $1295

Photography starts at $1295*

Videography starts at $1695**

* 6-hour service and basic corrections of all pictures PLUS some "vintage" and black and white. Also available, 2nd photographer and drone.

** 8 hour-service include wedding Videoclip of 2-3 minutes PLUS 1 hour (approx) edited video of your wedding day. 12-hour service and drone starts also available.

By booking at least 30 days before your event get discount service such as:
Caricature on giant screen 3 hrs starts at $799
Micro magic and magician and stage show starts at $799
Photo booth service unlimited pictures and party accessories starts at $799

One of this service starts at $799

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