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2024, an electrifying year!

  • january 20th, 2024

  • By Carmen selon mariage.net

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Every year brings its share of new developments in the wedding world. In that sense, 2024 promises to be a blast! Here are the 32 wedding trends for 2024 that will make you and your guests happy. From reception and entertainment to bridal fashion and decoration, here's everything you need to know about weddings 2024! Spoiler: the most festive and daring weddings ever!

Zero waste weddings: the new trend for 2024
Younger generations are showing a strong desire to preserve the environment, including at their weddings. Find out how to identify a "zero waste" wedding that's gaining in popularity.

Couples are opting for gastronomic solutions, favoring buffets and smaller portions to reduce waste. They also favor local and organic products, and local caterers.

The "plastic free" trend is gaining momentum to eliminate disposable plastic products, from glasses to cutlery. What's more, the "zero waste" concept extends to stationery and decoration, illustrated by innovative ideas such as transforming an arch into a photocall for guests.

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